Kiki helps kids to rise to new heights ...

... and makes playtime more fun! 
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NIPSTI! products have users all over the world: in Estonia, Finland, Germany, France, Australia and USA.

Our customers about Kiki tower:
Anne from Berlin: 
"I just love everything about the tower! The design is great, shipping to Germany was very quick, building the tower was super easy and the costumer service is great. I highly recommended it! Thank you very much, the whole family really appreciates the tower as we are now able to actually cook because my son (15 months old) is super happy watching us cook and „helping“ us. Before he always wanted to be on our arms and hated it when we were to busy preparing food. So - thanks again!" 
Triinu Saar from Tallinn:  "We have the Nipsti tower and I am very pleased. It also transforms into a desk. Easy to clean and since it is heavy enough there is no danger that the child would fall over with it."