Our story

We are an Estonian family company. We design and sell furniture that encourages kids to be active and independent. We find that a kid’s piece of furniture should not be just a static item in the room, but it should provide your kid a possibility to discover the world on his/her own and learn new skills. We believe that allowing the kid already at the early age to act independently increases kid’s curiosity, creativity and confidence which help him/her to conquer the world.

Our names from left to right are: Veiko, Jesper, Triin and Felix.

How NIPSTI! started:

NIPSTI! was created in 2018 after Veiko had decided to spice up his career as an office rat with a new speciality and assumed the profession of a furniture restorer and a carpenter. As he was walking out of his graduation ceremony, we received a first order from a friend who wished to have a wooden kitchen tower on which her daughter could stand and help in the kitchen. Of course Veiko could not say no, and a that’s how his first kitchen tower was born. Although we did not have any kids of our own at the time, we saw that this is a product that can be fun and useful for families with small children and we started to think how we could develop this initial “experimental” tower so that it could bring joy to more families. Fortunately at that time our path crossed with a wonderful product designer Pavel Sidorenko who was willing to join us on our product development journey. So after almost a year of intensive brainstorming, product development and testing, NIPSTI! helper tower Kiki was born! In 2019 our helper tower participated in a contest “Childrens’ Thing” organised by Estonian Association of Designers and was one of the nominees in the final round.

Kiki is not just a piece of furniture that shall collect dust in the corner of the room. It’s like a member of the family or your kid’s best friend that will give your kid a good company, entertainment and possibility to learn new skills at your kid’s own pace. For instance, our 2 year old son often insists that his meal and drinks are served on his Kiki desk which is conveniently reachable for him (as opposed to sitting on a restrained high chair at the adults’ table).