Helper tower 2in1

Why choose NIPSTI! helper tower?
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  • With NIPSTI! helper tower a kid can rise to the adult’s “playground” and give a helping hand in preparing a meal in the kitchen or at some other higher surface which is otherwise unreachable for the kid.
  • By placing the tower by the sink, the kid can practice independently washing of hands or teeth, while mom can finally comb her hair undisturbed or dad tie his tie.
  • The helper tower can also be placed in the desk-position, allowing the kid to eat, play or draw by his/her own desk.
  • By using the helper tower the kid can act independently and satisfy his/her natural curiosity, while the parents gain valuable freedom minutes (or even hours). And thus the atmosphere at home is much more relaxed.

NIPSTI! helper tower is designed by a wonderful product designer Pavel Sidorenko. 

Characteristics of the helper tower:

  • stable, and thus it is difficult for the kid to overturn the tower;
  • made from high-quality birch plywood that is durable and lasts for years;
  • the step and standing platform of the tower is covered with structured surface that minimises the danger of slipping, if water or some other liquid gets on the tower (which is inevitable in kitchen or bathroom).
  • the edges of the tower are finished with natural OSMO oil wax, which brings out the distinct structure of the plywood and gives the tower a unique design;
  • long lifetime: best age for use is 1,5 - 5 years;
  • the height of the tower step: 46,5 cm;
  • dimensions in the tower-position: height 90 cm, width 45 cm, depth on the floor surface 47 cm;
  • easy to assemble according to assembly manual included in the package, and the package includes everything needed to assemble the tower;
  • easy to clean and maintain;
  • designed and produced in Estonia.

Production time: 1 week.